Welcome To Where’s Lucy ? Productions

Where’s Lucy? Productions was founded in 2016 and focuses on in-house projects, as well as material optioned from existing intellectual properties. The focus is on great stories with memorable characters, with an emphasis on science fiction, thriller, horror and paranormal…but we also love a solid romance or comedy, too! We are writers with a deep love of movies and television, and we respect the power of the written word to create worlds and realities that did not exist before and to move people to experience a full range of emotions. WLP has a number of co-production projects in various stages of development with Bright Frontier Films, MDR Entertainment, Vesuvian Media Group, and Happy Catastrophe Productions. In addition to writing feature scripts and television series concepts solo or together as a writing team, we also look for solid book-to-film projects.


New Novella- only 99 cents on AMAZON!

Out now, “Grisly,” our latest script-to-novella! It is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon and other digital retailers through the holidays, along with “The Andersonville Horror.” We are working on more script-to-novellas, as well as a new horror screenplay and our first novel together. So much going on! Check back for updates and follow […]

New Novella

We are releasing a new novella based upon a screenplay, titled “The Andersonville Horror.” It will be one of many scripts-to-novels/novellas we have available on our new Books/Novellas page! Click on the menu button and take a look! Many of these stories have already been optioned for film/tv in their script forms!

Kings Boulevard & Feature Screenplays

Where’s Lucy Productions continues to keep the pedal to the metal. Right now we’re working on a horror feature film screenplay (Grisly), and a science fiction feature screenplay (Crash). Marie’s project Kings Boulevard, which she wrote and executive produced with director Neil Payne, is in post-production. They’re already working on a feature. You can find […]

News And Events

Denise A. Agnew is a partner at Where’s Lucy? Productions!

Denise A. Agnew is a partner at Where’s Lucy? Productions! She and Marie will be developing new projects, some based on their own material and others optioned from writers and existing properties. Welcome to the team, Denise!