New Novella- only 99 cents on AMAZON!

Out now, “Grisly,” our latest script-to-novella! It is on sale for 99 cents at Amazon and other digital retailers through the holidays, along with “The Andersonville Horror.” We are working on more script-to-novellas, as well as a new horror screenplay and our first novel together. So much going on! Check back for updates and follow us on social media, too!

New Novella

We are releasing a new novella based upon a screenplay, titled “The Andersonville Horror.” It will be one of many scripts-to-novels/novellas we have available on our new Books/Novellas page! Click on the menu button and take a look! Many of these stories have already been optioned for film/tv in their script forms!

Kings Boulevard & Feature Screenplays

Where’s Lucy Productions continues to keep the pedal to the metal. Right now we’re working on a horror feature film screenplay (Grisly), and a science fiction feature screenplay (Crash). Marie’s project Kings Boulevard, which she wrote and executive produced with director Neil Payne, is in post-production. They’re already working on a feature. You can find a teaser for King’s Boulevard on You Tube.


We just finished the second screenplay in our “I.D.E.A.” horror franchise. Our franchise features screenplays and a television series concept involving the presence of interdimensional entities and their encounters with humans throughout history. This one is called THE ANDERSONVILLE HORROR and is a historical horror story set in an actual location with a rather notorious reputation. We are currently writing another horror script, GRISLY, also a part of our tagteam horror franchise, and a big, epic sci fi story called CRASH, which will be our first foray as a writing team into science fiction!

Meanwhile, Denise’s sci fi/horror script, DEEP, made it to the 2018 ScreenCraft Horror Contest quarterfinals. This is her second script, so wow, that’s something to be proud of.

Marie’s short script, KINGS BOULEVARD, written for director Neil Payne, is being shot in L.A. this month and will be hitting the festival circuit next year. It’s her first foray into indie filmmaking. She is working on a script called FALLOUT, which she hopes will be her first feature indie, written with filmmaker Luke Pensabene.



In addition to becoming production partners, we are taking a stab at writing our first script together, and having a blast! It’s called BLACK DESERT, and combines horror, science fiction and thrills, with a diverse cast led by a female Marine. This is hopefully just the beginning of several projects we co-write!

We will keep you posted!

Profiling “Blackout”

Here at Where’s Lucy? Productions, we love a variety of genres, but we admit that paranormal/horror, thriller and science fiction projects definitely hold high interest us. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen numerous projects appear at our door related to current events and themes. Blackout is just such a project.

Every day the news regales us with scenes of disasters. Wildfire, tornados, earthquakes. In Blackout, a tsunami survivor faces new disaster when an EMP takes out the grid, and the only thing standing between her and certain death is a U.S. Marshal with a shadowy past.

Where will you be when it all goes dark? 

Blackout is based on novelist/screenplay writer Denise A. Agnew’s novel.




Denise and Marie are working hard on new projects that will be developed under WHERE’S LUCY? PRODUCTIONS! It’s an exciting, and incredibly busy time!!!

Lucy Turns 18!

On July 18th, our cat Lucy turns 18 years old. As the namesake of my company, this is a big deal, because without her constant inspiration, and her diva behavior, my son and I would have that much less joy in our lives. She’s still going strong and inspiring us both to keep on keeping on, even when things get tough!

As I take on more projects, including optioning completed screenplays, it is hard to keep my energy level up all the time to best serve the writers and colleagues I am working with. But Lucy, despite her age, keeps going like the Energizer Bunny, and so can I. I love what I do, and do what I love, and that’s what life is about, right?

Many of my projects are advancing along at various studios and production companies, which is SO EXCITING, but involves a lot of nervous waiting and often let-downs. Still, with each new day I am meeting new contacts and opening doors to new opportunities to tell great stories of my own, and get those of others told as well.

Thanks, Lucy, for another great year!

New Production Relationships!

I have a variety of new projects I’ve acquired, and a couple of original creations, over the last month or two. Pitching has been crazy, mainly in May and expected through the rest of June, as television networks and programmers look for new product. It’s been super hectic and crazy, but the goal is to have a wide choice of genres and formats for production companies, networks and studios to choose from. I am thrilled to be forming co-production ventures, too, with writers I feel strongly about and resonate with, most notably Gareth Worthington, a Swiss writer I optioned a project from called CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH SUN. We hit it off so well we formed AGRESTIC PRODUCTIONS, which will actively create and option science fiction product that is grounded and based on fact or theory. Gareth and I brought on another writer, Stu Jones, to complete the AGRESTIC team. Gareth and Stu are working on an amazing new book series called EIDOLON. I am so excited to be a part of that!


I also work with writer/artist Michael David Ward and we have formed NEOMYTH to create our own works based upon original ideas and existing concepts of Michael’s. He is one of the best artists I’ve ever encountered!


I love to link up with great writers and up-and-coming producers to see what we can do together!


Many of my projects will be shopped via Bright Frontier Films and Vesuvian Media Group. I am on their boards as a writer-producer! I also foresee some new relationships coming soon as I’m always meeting new people, networking and being referred to other filmmakers.


Stay tuned for more!



I just optioned the GLOVES OFF book series by New York Times and USA Today best-selling author LP Dover. The fun thing is, I optioned it with a new producing partner, Gareth Worthington, who is an MMA fighter and writer of ANOTHER book I optioned, CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH SUN! LP’s books combine hot romance and super fighting action and Gareth and I plan to develop to pitch as a television series to appeal to the domestic and foreign markets. More to come…