New Production Relationships!

I have a variety of new projects I’ve acquired, and a couple of original creations, over the last month or two. Pitching has been crazy, mainly in May and expected through the rest of June, as television networks and programmers look for new product. It’s been super hectic and crazy, but the goal is to have a wide choice of genres and formats for production companies, networks and studios to choose from. I am thrilled to be forming co-production ventures, too, with writers I feel strongly about and resonate with, most notably Gareth Worthington, a Swiss writer I optioned a project from called CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH SUN. We hit it off so well we formed AGRESTIC PRODUCTIONS, which will actively create and option science fiction product that is grounded and based on fact or theory. Gareth and I brought on another writer, Stu Jones, to complete the AGRESTIC team. Gareth and Stu are working on an amazing new book series called EIDOLON. I am so excited to be a part of that!


I also work with writer/artist Michael David Ward and we have formed NEOMYTH to create our own works based upon original ideas and existing concepts of Michael’s. He is one of the best artists I’ve ever encountered!


I love to link up with great writers and up-and-coming producers to see what we can do together!


Many of my projects will be shopped via Bright Frontier Films and Vesuvian Media Group. I am on their boards as a writer-producer! I also foresee some new relationships coming soon as I’m always meeting new people, networking and being referred to other filmmakers.


Stay tuned for more!