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Where’s Lucy? Productions was founded in 2016 and focuses on in-house projects, as well as material optioned from existing intellectual properties. The focus is on great stories with memorable characters, with an emphasis on science fiction, thriller, horror and paranormal…but we also love a solid romance or comedy, too! We are writers with a deep love of movies and television, and we respect the power of the written word to create worlds and realities that did not exist before and to move people to experience a full range of emotions. WLP has a number of co-production projects in various stages of development with Bright Frontier Films, MDR Entertainment, Vesuvian Media Group, and Happy Catastrophe Productions. In addition to writing feature scripts and television series concepts solo or together as a writing team, we also look for solid book-to-film projects.



We just finished the second screenplay in our “I.D.E.A.” horror franchise. Our franchise features screenplays and a television series concept involving the presence of interdimensional entities and their encounters with humans throughout history. This one is called THE ANDERSONVILLE HORROR and is a historical horror story set in an actual location with a rather notorious […]


In addition to becoming production partners, we are taking a stab at writing our first script together, and having a blast! It’s called BLACK DESERT, and combines horror, science fiction and thrills, with a diverse cast led by a female Marine. This is hopefully just the beginning of several projects we co-write! We will keep […]

Profiling “Blackout”

Here at Where’s Lucy? Productions, we love a variety of genres, but we admit that paranormal/horror, thriller and science fiction projects definitely hold high interest us. Over the last couple of years we’ve seen numerous projects appear at our door related to current events and themes. Blackout is just such a project. Every day the […]

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